We make and supply many different mirrors.  Whether you need an as cut mirror for a frame, or a design finished one for a decorative look, we are likely to be able to make one that suits a wall in any room.  We also hold stock of many popular standard sizes in the shop ready to take away.

All our glass mirrors are made with copper free moisture resistant silvering and low lead protective paint layers.  Available in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thickness.  The can also be made safe from splintering with either a safety backing film (not adhesive compatible), or can be protected from premature corrosion in humid rooms with foil backing (fully compatible with Soudal, Xtragrip, or CRL Mirror Fix adhesive).

If the edges are not being covered within a frame then the sharpness would need to be removed for safety and so it doesn't look rough.  Edges can also be fully polished for an even neater look, or have a decorative bevelled chamfer processed.  Having just the sharp edge removed is most cost effective so ideal if on a budget, and perfect for any locatioon where the side edge isn't easily seen (for example if being fixed in a recess, or between tiles etc.) a full polish is ideal if all the edges are easily seen and a neater finish is wanted; as the edges are fully ground before being buffed up to a nice polish.  Or bevelling gives a decorative chamfer if this is preferred (see processing page for more information).

We also supply processed mirrors in standard sizes detailed below.  These are cheaper and quicker than making a mirror with edge-work to order, plus:

Extra 5% Discount Off Shop Price - if buying any 2 standard size smoothed, polished or bevelled mirrors at the same time.

Extra 7.5% Discount Off Shop Price - if buying any 4 standard size smoothed, polished or bevelled mirrors at the same time.

Shop Standard Size 4mm Thick Silver Mirrors with Sharp Edge Removed (budget option)
*  300mm x 300mm
*  300mm x 400mm
*  400mm x 500mm
*  450mm x 550mm
*  300mm x 600mm
*  500mm x 700mm
*  550mm x 850mm
*  300mm x 850mm
*  700mm x 900mm
*  300mm x 1100mm
*  850mm x 1100mm
*  400mm x 1200mm
*  450mm x 1300mm

Shop Standard Size 4mm Thick Silver Mirrors with Polished Edges (neater option)
*  400mm x 500mm
*  450mm x 600mm
*  500mm x 600mm
*  600mm x 600mm
*  500mm x 750mm
*  300mm x 900mm
*  600mm x 900mm
*  750mm x 1000mm
*  300mm x 1200mm
*  450mm x 1200mm
*  900mm x 1200mm
*  450mm x 1500mm
*  500mm x 1600mm
*  600mm x 1800mm

Shop Standard Size 4mm Thick Silver Mirrors with Decorative 25mm Bevellled Chamfer & Smoothed Edges
*  406mm x 508mm (16" x 20")
*  457mm x 610mm (18" x 24")
*  508mm x 610mm (20" x 24")
*  508mm x 762mm (20" x 30")
*  305mm x 914mm (12" x 36"
*  610mm x 914mm (24" x 36")
*  762mm x 1016mm (30" x 40")
*  305mm x 1219mm (12" x 48")
*  406mm x 1219mm (16" x 48")
*  610mmx 1219mm (24" x 48")
*  914mm x 1219mm (36" x 48")

We can also make with leaded edge, for unintrusive decoration.  We use 99% real lead with a hard wearing protective coating in a silver, darkened or brass finish.  Or they can be combined with colour and obscure effects for a stunning decorative mirror.  See lead-light page for more information.

Plus we can get some stock size frames, and also hold various limited framed mirrors.  Feel free to contact us if there is something specific you are after, or pop in to have a browse if preferred.

There are also demsiter heat pads avaliable for mirrors, which protects an area 20% larger than the pad itself from steam.  They are self adhesive and easy to fix to the back of a mirror, then after being wired to the light switch by a qualified electrician give a clear area to view in any steamy bathroom.  Note due to limited demand we do not stock these, but can get them within a few days.  

Finally please be aware the we currently do not make electric light mirrors, or have the facility to carry out any re-silvering to old mirrors.  Although we maybe able to cut your own mirror to size if needed (depening on requirements), however it would be at own risk, and we cannot cut mirrors that are already fixed to any backing.

Feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

Further updates to this page coming soon.
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