As well as cutting glass or mirror to size for your own frames we also specialise in various type of processing for items like table-tops, shelves and more.  Below are some of the things available.

Edge-Work Smoothing/Polishing

For a plain minimal look mirror the sharp edge can be just removed, or fully polished. Having just the sharp edge removed is usually the most cost effective type of processing and can be done on 3mm, 4mm or 6mm thickness glass or mirrors. It is still safe and fairly neat, however if the edge is in a clearly visible location and you like the shiny polished look then we can also do polish the edges of 4mm or thicker glass or mirror. The edges are completly ground down then buffed up to a shine. It only costs a little more and takes a little longer, but it give a highly finished look (note polishing on thick or large panes is always flat/striaght line type polished)


A bevel is a decorative chamfer that is usually 10mm or more. We can now get a 6mm to 25mm bevel done on 4mm thickness glass or mirror, or a 10mm - 35mm bevel on 6mm and thicker glass. However it takes a lot longer to do and costs more than polishing, but can look really good in the right location (note we are currently unable to produce bevels on curved edges).


From basic sand-blasted glass or mirror to some decorative designs, many great things can be produced with a sandblasting. Although please note that it can take a few weeks to produce.

Glass Painting

Made to size from the standard RAL colour range or standard BS4800 range, or more cost effective standard Cool White, Mid Grey and Deep Black are possible

CNC Shape Processing

Complex shapes can be made from glass providing there is a hardboard or plywood template with a clean edge to run through the machine

Glass Toughening

Most types of glass from 4mm thickness and above can be toughened. This is a process where the glass is heated and rapidly cooled in a furnace to strengthen the glass and to ensure is safer if broken.

Note:  All our processed glass and mirrors are of high quality, so does takes time to produce.  However we usually have short lead times for most technical work, which depending on the requirements it is generally from a few days to a couple of weeks.  We are currently unable to process any glass whilst waiting.
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