You will find some frequently asked questions on this page...


However if you don't find an answer to your question then please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help.



Q . Where is your shop located?

A.  Our shop address is 87-89 Alder Road, Parkstone, Poole, BH12 2AB, which is located next to the Branksome Recreation Field, and Recreation Road.


Q.  Is there parking at your shop?

A.  There's limited parking for 2 or 3 cars at the front of the shop, plus close parking along Recreation Road at the side.


Q.  What are the shop opening times?

A.  Weekdays 8:30am to 3:30pm without appointment & Weekdays/Weekends 7am to 7pm by pre-arranged appointment in advance.


Q.  Can I visit the shop early, late or on a Saturday or Sunday?

A.  Yes of course. Appointments can be made any day or time between 7am to 7pm. Just contact us in advance to book (note if contacting us when shop's closed it's always best to email).


Q.  Do you stock all your glass and mirrors at the shop?

A.  There is limited finished mirrors at the shop ready to buy, plus limted shelves, greenhouse glass, fixings, adhesive and glazing assesories etc. However, due to the vast options and sizes avaliable/possible we cannot stock it all, but should be able to make it.



Q.  Can you make any sized glass and/or mirrors?

A.  We can make most sizes within certain minimum and maximum limitations depending on available sheets and machine capabilities. Just contact us with your requirement as we would be more than happy to help if possible.


Q.  Do I need to visit the shop to order?

A.  Not at all. Most orders can be placed via phone, email or sms text message. We will then be in touch when ready.


Q.  Can you make shaped glass or mirror?

A.  Yes we can make most shaped glass and mirrors, but if not a straight edge shape that can be measurened we would likely need a template. This would need to be rigid material e.g. hardboard, plywood or thick card to the actual size required with clean cut edge.


Q.  Can you fix existing glass or mirrors?

A.  Generally we only make new glass or mirrors, however we can usually arrange replacment glass or mirrors to be glazed or fixed into existing frames if needed.


Q.  Can you cut my own glass or mirror?

A.  Providing it is not toughened and has no backing then yes we should be able to cut your own glass or mirror, but it would be at your own risk.


Q.  Can you resilver old mirrors?

A.  Sorry we cannot resilver old mirrors.


Q.  Do you do non-flat bowed glass?

A.  We only produce flat glass to order, although can do shaped glass we cannot bow the glass so it is not flat

Q.  Can you do scratch removal on glass?

A.  Sorry we cannot remove scratches from glass.


Q.  Can you deliver orders?

A.  Yes most orders can be delivered depending on the location and within certain size limitations. Just ask when enquiring and before production due to high demand.  


Q.  Can you install/fit glass or mirrors?

A.  We do not do installation or fitting call outs, as we specalise in production. However, we can usually arrange fitting to items that you can bring into the shop.


Q.  How long does production take?

A  This depends on the type and size of glass or mirror, if any processing is required, and if being made to size or template. If you let us know your requirments we will be happy to give the current expected lead time.