We supply many different types of glass for many different applications.  Mostly from the Pilkington UK range, but also many others.  Below is a list of the glass that we do including thickness, type and some example use.  If there is anything that you can't see that you need, then please feel free to contact us as we may be able to source it.  Also, please check out glass sub pages for more detailed information on glass and processing.


Clear Float (Annealed) Glass

This is high quality glass with superb clarity and most popular type of glass used in UK

  • 2mm Clear Float - Cost effective glass primarily used in picture frames.
  • 3mm Clear Float - Often used in cabinets and older windows.
  • 4mm Clear Float - Most popular glass used in UK windows. Can also be processed for tables, shelves and more
  • 5mm Clear Float - Rarely used in UK but possible to get with limited processing
  • 6mm Clear Float - Popular for large windows, tables, shelves, screens etc.
  • 8mm Clear Float - Thicker option for tables, shelves, screens, frameless fixings etc.
  • 10mm Clear Float - Popular alternative to 8mm when thicker glass is wanted.
  • 12mm Clear Float - Popular alternative to 10mm when thicker glass is wanted.
  • 15mm Clear Float - Limited supply.
  • 19mm Clear Float - Rarely used due to cost. it is the thickest float glass we do.

Note: 4mm Float and above can be toughened for safety (e.g. if being used in doors, shower screens, exposed shelves, low-level windows, or anywhere someone could fall thru, and as required by building regulations). Toughened is glass that's been tempered in a furnaace, so is stronger than Float, and if broken shatters into small pieces so as not to cause severe injury like Float can.


Optiwhite Low-Iron Glass

An extra clear low-iron float glass. Can be used the same as float glass but where extra clarity is needed, for example if coating with a colour for a splash-back, as normal float glass would darken the colour slightly. Because of the reduced iron content the edge of the glass is a lot clearer and lighter than the darker green tinge float has. Following thicknesses are available:

  • 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm & 19mm Clear Low-Iron

Note: Larger the pane the darker the edge is.


Diffused Anti-Reflective Glass

2mm Diffused - Anti-reflective glass used in picture frames to reduce reflective glare.

Note: Not suitable for box frames or mounts over 3mm thickness.


UV Protect Conservation Glass

2mm & 2.5mm Clear UV - For 99% protection of pictures and photos from UV rays, as used in museums.


Horticultural Glass

3mm Clear Horticultural - Clear sheet glass for greenhouses, cold frames and sheds etc.


Low-E Softcoat Glass

4mm & 6mm Clear Low-E - Clear coated low-emissivity glass for extra thermal efficiency in double-glazed sealed units.


Tinted Float Glass

4mm, 6mm & 10mm Bronze Float - Bronze/brown colour tinted glass.

4mm, 6mm & 10mm Grey Float - Grey colour tinted glass.

4mm, 6mm & 10mm Green Float - Green colour tinted glass.


Activ Self Cleaning Glass

4mm & 6mm Clear Activ - Easy to maintain and clean glass.

4mm & 6mm Blue Activ - Blue tint version of clear Activ.


Pilkington Obscure Textured Glass

Privacy glass that allow light in but obscure vision for privacy. Thicknesses and textures types avaliable include:

4mm & 6mm Autumn, Cotswold, Everglade, Flemish, Stippolyte & Sycamore

4mm Only - Arctic, Cassini, Contora, Charcoal Sticks, Chantilly, Digital, Florielle, Mayflower, Minster, Oak, Pelerine, Taffeta, Tribal & Warwick.


Satin Opal Obscure Glass

Plain acid etch privacy glass that looks like sand-blasted. Thicknesses avaliable include:

4mm, 6mm, 8mm & 10mm.


Pilkington Oriel Obscure Glass

Premium design etched glass made to order.

4mm Oriel - Bay Opal, Burdock, Canterbury, Canterbury Opal, Cirque, Laurel, Linear & Saturn.


Laminated Safety Glass

A safety glass with a PVB plastic interlayer in middle giving a benefit of holding together if broken.

  • 6.4mm Clear Laminated - Most popular type of safety glass used in windows and doors instead of toughened.
  • 6.8mm Clear Lamianted - Slightly better option to 6.4mm if security is wanted.
  • 7.5mm Clear Laminated - Not used as much as 6.8mm or 8.8mm.
  • 8.8mm Clear Laminated - Popular option for shop windows.
  • 10.8mm Clear Lamianted - Popular option for larger shop windows.
  • 11.5mm Clear Laminated - Available but not as popular.
  • 12.8mm Clear Laminated - Available but not as popular.
  • 6.4mm White Laminated - Highly obscure diffused with white interlayer.
  • 10.8mm White Laminated - Highly obscure diffused with white interlayer.

Note: Laminated glass cannot be toughened due to the PVB interlayer. Although it is possible to get toughened glass laminated, but we do not recommned using anywhere the edge can be seen due to visible interlayer and rough edge lamination causes.


Georgian Wired Glass

7mm Obscure Wired - Limited old stock of Pyroshield 2 Textured with 30min integrity (but not safety).

7mm Obscure Wired - New Georgian Wire Cast available to but not fire rated or safety.

7mm Clear Wired - Limited new Georgian Wire Polished Plate available to order with 30min integrity.


Pyroguard Non-Wired

7.2mm Clear Pyroguard - Safety clear non-wired with 30mins fire integrity.

11.4mm Clear Pyroguard - Safety clear non-wired with 60 mins fire integrity and 30 mins insulation.

Plus others available.


Colour Coated Backed Glass

Standard opaque glass with colour coated back for use as splash-backs, work-tops etc.

6mm Cool White - Toughened

6mm Mid Grey - Toughened

6mm Deep Black - Toughened

Silvered Mirror Glass

High quality float glass mirror with highly reflective silver coating and backing. 

3mm Silver Mirror - Primarily used in frames with small rebates.

4mm Silver Mirror - Most popular and cost effective for majority of uses.

6mm Silver Mirror - Generally for very large mirrors and uneven walls. 

4mm Bronze Tint Mirror - Bronze/brown tinted mirror

6mm Bronze Tint Mirror - Bronze/brown tinted mirror

4mm Grey Tint Mirror - Grey tinted mirror

6mm Grey Tint Mirror - Grey tinted mirror

4mm Pink Tint Mirror - Pin/rose tinted mirror

4mm Gold Tint Mirror - Gold/yellow tinted mirror

4mm Antique Effect Mirror - handmade in Italy with random oxadised aged effect

6mm Antiqure Effect Mirror - similar to above but thicker

For more information on mirrors please see mirror page.


Plus we can colour coat back to RAL or British Standard colour rage for use as splashbacks, upstands or more.  We also hold limited stock of 2nd hand reclaimed glass (usually for greenhouses or sheds).


Cutting Own Glass: We may be able to cut your own glass depening on the type of glass and size of cut required.  However all work on own glass is at own risk, and we cannot cut or process any safety glass that has been toughened / tempered.

Note:  We advise on to call, email or text any enquiries you have before visiting. Just see our contact page to get in touch. Thank you.