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Ace Glass & Mirrors Website Terms & Conditions

Welcome to our Ace Glass & Mirrors Limited website terms and conditions page.

These terms and conditions only cover the use of this website under the domain names: www.aceglassandmirrors.co.uk


By using this website you are agreeing to these terms.


With exemption of royalty free stock clip art images, all text, photo images and content on this website is copyrighted by Ace Glass & Mirrors Limited and may not be used anywhere without prior written consent by the owner of Ace Glass & Mirrors Limited ('we or us' throughout the rest of this page). Any copyright infringement discovered will be taken seriously and pursued.

Great care has been taken to ensure all information on this website is up to date and correct, however we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused from information gained by this website. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all glass, mirrors and other products purchased comply with all current and relevant building regulations, in whatever application they maybe used. With regards to building regulations it is always advised to contact your local Authority Building Control for up to date information.


Anyone can contact us through email, telephone, text or directly through the shop. Any information given to us is voluntarily, and kept strictly confidential as per our privacy policy. We never sell or rent any personal information to third parties for marketing purposes or any other reason unless required to do so by law, or in order to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights. We take every precaution to protect any personal information given to us. We do not accept or tolerate spam sent via email. And we do not accept any phone calls offering any products or services. All telephone numbers, numbers, and email address strictly for use by our customers and current suppliers only. If you wish to offer us anything we would only accept it in writing to our main postal address detailed below.


We are always happy to answer questions and give advice if asked, however all advice given by us/staff through correspondence via email, telephone, text or in person are given in good faith, and is not a substitute for legal or official advice. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage that maybe caused by directly or indirectly following advice given by us/staff. We cannot give any recommendations of possible fitting/installation tradesperson/tradespeople, as we do not evaluate other work. Any trade contact details given by us/staff is only given in good faith and only when asked for; we do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage that may be caused by any tradesperson or businesses that we have contact details for.


The website does not accept online sales. However prices and purchases can be made with the contact details on this website through our shop, or by telephone, email, or text. Any price are given are valid for 21 days unless otherwise stated, and each are allocated a reference for retrieval purposes. All made to measure orders need to be confirmed in writing, note that we may also need a phone number to notify when ready, and an address to be able to deliver if requested. All products are produced strictly on supply only basis, and we do not carry out any fitting/installation work ourselves. We also do not offer any gaurantees or warranties that incude any fitting/installation work. Please note we are also unable to remove, transport, dispose or manage any waste, so cannot and will not take/transport glass, mirrors, windows, doors or any other waste for disposal. Instead we would always recommend disposal via your local authority refuse centre. All purchases, from stock or made to measure are bound by our full terms & conditions that are available in our shop or by request.


Sometimes external links to other websites may be found as a source of additional information. Please note that we do not control or operate external websites and are not responsible for content of any external website or linked pages. Likewise we do not do call outs to survey, meassure, fit or install any products, so are not responsitble for any person or business that carry out this type of work.


For further information or enquiries we can be contacted at:
89 Alder Road
BH12 2AB

Ace Glass & Mirrors is a limited company registered in England and Wales.
Registered company number: 06080069
Registered office address: 87-89 Alder Road, Poole, BH12 2AB