We can supply both made to measure secondary glazing windows and thermally efficient Upvc windows and doors for both trade and DIY. Below are some details on what we offer, more update will be coming as soon as possible.


Secondary Glazing
Increase your existing windows thermally efficiency and sound proofing by adding a secondary glazing window frame to the inside. As seen in the 2nd picture on right (or below if using small screen), they're easy to fit too. The secondary glazing is made from aluminium window set into a hardwood frame. They can be supplied predrilled with either reveal fixed (within sides of existing opening) or face fixed (to existing window).


Every secondary glazing window comes with Upvc trim to finish off inside edge once fitted. They can be supplied as a fixed unit, with lift out capability for easy clean. Or as horizontal or vertical sliders, again with lift out capability for easy clean. Clear toughened included as standard, or laminated for better soundproofing, Simply measure your opening, deduct around 10mm for fitting clearance, and divide any openers so when slid open you can open the existing window opener. We can usually get a prices within a day, so feel free to get in touch.


Upvc Windows & Doors
After trying many different profiles over the years we have found the Advance70 window profile offers everything that's mostly needed. It's a high quality thermally efficient profile with high security locking and robust hardware. Easily reaches A energy rating as standard. Comes in a chamfered or sculptured profile with sculptured beads, in standard smooth white, or grained colours. Further updates will follow as soon as possible, in the meantime please feel free to contact us with any enquiry, or for more information.